Patient Information

Patient Information

The OA Reaction Web and the Clima-Flex OA braces can be prescribed for you on the NHS. Your prescriber will usually be your GP or a physiotherapist. Both braces are also available for private purchase via

The OA Nano and OA Adjuster 3 are normally used under the guidance of consultants within UK Hospitals. Where these products are suitable, they may be provided, or suggested for you to purchase by your healthcare professional. These can be purchased privately via Use code OABRACESITE to get an extra 10% off.


You will need to give your prescriber some information about your condition to help them:

Make an appointment with your GP or a physiotherapist

  • Your appointment could be in a face to face appointment or over the phone.
  • It is important to make an appointment with a medical practitioner so that they can assess your condition. They may also be able to help with giving you some exercises or other additional therapies to help you.
  • You have the right to ask for a knee brace to be prescribed a brace for you. The current NICE Guidelines for Osteoarthritis Care and Management that healthcare providers should follow state that “People with osteoarthritis who have biomechanical joint pain or instability should be considered for assessment for bracing/joint supports/insoles as an adjunct to their core treatments.”

Helping your prescriber

  • Not all physiotherapists are able to write a prescription for you, but they can refer to your GP to do this. We can support them to do this, if required.
  • Many prescribers may be unfamiliar with knee braces being available on prescription, so it is important that they have as much information as possible. Refer them to this website.
  • We have some answers to Frequently Asked Questions they may have.
  • The downloads below will help, or you can Contact Us to ask for Prescribing Pack with information that will help you get a prescription.

Download OA Reaction Web™ brochure

Download Clima-Flex™ brochure

Download Order Form

Download a GP letter

Although you can take your prescription to any pharmacy, DJO works with Daylong, a Dispensing Appliance Contractor. They will send your brace directly to your home, and you will get your brace quicker than going via your local pharmacy. Ask your prescriber to send the prescription electronically to Daylong (FJ708) or by post to:

10 Cossall Industrial Estate