Prescriber Information

Prescriber Information

DJO offers two Offloading Knee Braces on the UK Drug Tariff for primary care

  • OA Reaction Web™, which has a fixed level off offloading for early to mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis.
  • Clima-Flex OA™, for mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis, with adjustable offloading.

These braces offer patients with joint pain or instability a non-pharmacological solution for offloading their knee joint as an adjunct to other core treatments, as suggested in current NICE Guidelines for Osteoarthritis Care and Management.

For more advanced knee OA managed beyond the primary care system, DonJoy also offers

  • OA Nano, for moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis with adjustable offloading fixed by the clinic
  • OA Adjuster 3 for severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis with adjustable offloading fixed by the clinic

For further assistance regarding these products, please contact our office on 0800 587 0857

Before prescribing the OA REACTION WEB/CLIMA-FLEX OA

  • Decide which brace might suit the patient best.
  • Identify the affected compartment (left or right medial or lateral compartment).
  • Measure the patient.

To prescribe

Write a prescription or look up “OA Reaction Web™” and “Clima-Flex OA™” on your EPS, rather than a description like “knee brace”.

If you do not have prescribing rights, you can refer to a patient’s GP to request the prescription. To help you with this, we have developed a template letter to help you do this (see bottom of page for link).

While the prescription can be taken to any pharmacy the process is faster using Daylong, our partner Dispensing Appliance Contractor, who will deliver the brace direct to the patients home. The prescription can be sent electronically to Daylong (FJ708) or by post (envelopes available on request) to:

10 Cossall Industrial Estate


Fitting the brace is simple for the patient to do themselves, but if they require any assistance, we can support this on 0800 587 0857.

Useful downloads

Download OA Reaction Web™ brochure

Download Clima-Flex™ brochure

Download Order Form

Download Referral Letter

Support for you

If knee braces are new to you and your practice, we can help on the phone on 0800 587 0857, or via email. We can also come in to arrange training for you and your staff. Please just contact us.